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1985 bis 1995

membre du Tanztheater Wuppertal


Finola Cronin

was born in 1956 in Dublin where she began ballet lessons at the age of six with Patricia Joan McCarthy. Later she studied with the American dancer Joan Davies, founder of the Irish Contemporary Dance Theatre and pioneer of contemporary dance in Ireland. Encouraged by Davies, in 1978 she switched to the London School of Contemporary Dance (The Place), where her teachers included Jane Dudley, Naomi Lapezon (both Graham dancers) and Molly Lake, who had danced with Anna Pawlowa. She also worked with Richard Alston, later director of the Ballet Rambert, and the Hungarian dancer Maria Fay, who taught the Royal Ballet.


Her first full-time dancing job was in Germany, at the Landestheater Coburg, but she didn’t wish to stay there and went for an audition in Wuppertal. Pina Bausch deemed her too young and advised her to try again in a few years. Back in London, on a course at the Urdang Academy in Covent Garden, she met Vivienne Newport, a Bausch dancer from the founding period, who was setting up her own company, at the Theater am Turm in Frankfurt. Newport invited Finola Cronin to join her little ensemble and she felt at home with the work there. Like Pina Bausch, Newport also worked by setting prompts for her dancers, although her approach was more intellectual and conceptual. In the brief period between 1982 and 1985 they created nine whole new pieces, including Mist, Hinter der Scheune überfrisst sich ein Ochse (with texts and songs by Eric Satie), Weder den Tag noch die Stunde, Persicaire, Ertrinken, Damals (That Time by Samuel Beckett) and Valeska Gert.

In 1985 Cronin signed a contract at Wuppertal. She didn’t find it easy at first; the movements for The Rite of Spring in particular were new to her. But she stuck with it and in the first piece she helped generate she already left a lasting impression; in Viktor she played the seasoned auctioneer, auctioning everything off at breakneck speed, people as well as things. She belonged to the original cast of Ahnen, Die Klage der Kaiserin, Palermo Palermo and Tanzabend II as well as dancing in the repertoire.

Back in Dublin

Homesickness took her back to her home city of Dublin in 1995, where she began a postgraduate degree in theatre studies at University College, culminating in a doctorate. From 1997 she began teaching at the university and in 2003 became a faculty member of the School of English, Drama and Film. From 2003 to 2007 she worked for the Arts Council of Ireland as a dance expert.

In 2012 Raimund Hoghe invited her to work on the creation of his piece Cantatas and perform in it. In 2018 she worked with the Irish choreographer Liz Roche on Näher… Closer, Nearer, Sooner and danced in the film version made by Liz Roche and the filmmaker Alan Gilsenen.

From 2019 to 2021 she performed in John Gerrard’s Mirror Pavilion for Galway Arts Festival during the Galway European Capital of Culture 2020.

Text by Norbert Servos
Translated by Steph Morris



Saison 1985/86

Saison 1986/87

Saison 1989/90

Saison 1990/91

PièceTanzabend II
Événement27 avril 1991
LieuSchauspielhaus Wuppertal
DanseAnne Marie Benati
Barbara Kaufmann
Beatrice Libonati
Bernd Uwe Marszan
Dominique Mercy
Dulce Pessoa
Finola Cronin
Francis Viet
Geraldo Si Loureiro
Jakob Haahr Andersen
Jan Minařík
Janusz Subicz
Julie Anne Stanzak
Julie Shanahan
Kyomi Ichida
Marigia Maggipinto
Mariko Aoyama
Mark Alan Wilson
Nazareth Panadero
Quincella Swyningan
Thomas Duchatelet
Urs Kaufmann
Assistance scénographieHelga Schnüttgen
LumièreJohan Delaere
MaquillageCarla Terhardt
DirectionMatthias Schmiegelt
Collaboration organisationnelleClaudia Irman
Direction techniqueJohan Delaere
Direction régie lumièreWolfgang Lauber
Direction costumesEvelyn Schönwald
AccessoiristeHerbert Kuhn
Chef/cheffe d´atelierLeo Haase
Régie plateauPeter Lütke
VestiaireHarald Boll
Rosemarie Hess
SourceProgramme pour « Tanzabend II » de Pina Bausch à Wuppertal, 27 avril 1991
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