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Production Company: Vetorzero
Directed by: Olga
Cinematographer: Felipe Lion E Lucas René
Costume Designer: Tica Bertani
Choreography: Pina Bausch
Movement Director: Beth Bastos
PA: Marcos Machado
Gaffer: Ailton Hipólito da Silva
Assistant Camera: Fabio Moraes

Performance and conception: Antonio Miano
Music by: Ira Gershwin
Interpreted by: Caetano Veloso

Bob Nakabayachi
Central Content
Padu Palmério
Sandro Miano
Ycaro Prata

Late one night, Antonio Miano, Felipe Lion and Lucas René finished off a short film shooting at an abandoned warehouse. Antonio mentioned he had been studying Pina Bausch’s choreography to Caetano Veloso's The Man I Love. After he started playing the song and performed the routine, they decided to turn this into a short film.

The lyrics of the song are written in the first person. The narrator describes the kind of man he would fall in love with. He imagines their future. But that man doesn't actually exist yet. It's his ideal of ​​a perfect man.

Antonio, Felipe and Lucas thought to portrait the imaginary partner through the main character’s own reflection. They decided to shoot on a beach and use the reflecting surfaces of the surf and the wet sand.

When, their character looks away from his reflection for the first time and into the horizon, all the viewer can see is the sea and its immensity.

The elements of water and reflection are a constant throughout the film. To reinforce this motive, the viewer watches the scene through a reflection in the water. After finished editing, the trio projected the film on a big screen in studio. They set up a reflecting pool in front of the screen. They pointed a camera at the pool and re-shot the whole film reflected on it. Everything that the viewer sees in the final film version is a reflection - in one way or another.

In partnership with Vetor Zero.

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