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This piece is one of Pina Bausch's early works. Only a few have seen it. The piece has not been on stage for a very long time. Pina Bausch dances herself in it. She won a significant prize with this piece in a competition in Cologne in 1969.


season 1967/68
Folkwang Hochschule Essen


ChoreographyPina Bausch
MusicMirko Dorner

The piece Im Wind der Zeit was first performed in 1968 with the Folkwang Ballet in Essen, Germany. The original title of the piece was I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud. This was the second creation of Pina Bausch made for the Folkwang Ballet, which was later renamed Folkwang Dance Studio.

In 1969, "Im Wind der Zeit" won first prize in the choreographic competition of the International Summer Academy of Dance in Cologne. The eight short parts of the piece are musically accompanied by a tape recording of Mirko Dorner's Préludes for Solo Cello.


From the Pina Bausch Archives
Im Wind der Zeit

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