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The Semperoper in Dresden, Germany, and the École des Sables near Dakar, Senegal: The projects of the Pina Bausch Foundation show how a young generation of dancers from all over the world is rediscovering Pina Bausch’s choreographies. Under the guidance of former dancers from her company, they study Iphigenia on Tauris and The Sacrifice of Spring. The dancers have to experience Pina Bausch's choreographies anew with their bodies and their stories. As dancers from street dance, classical ballet, and traditional and contemporary African dance transform Pina Bausch’s work, Pina Bausch’s choreographies transform the dancers.

PremieresSeptember 13th, 2022, Cinema, Wuppertal
September 14th, 2022, Programmkino-Ost, Dresden
Cinema ReleaseSeptember 15th, 2022
Production countryGermany
Duration111 minutes
LanguagesGerman, English, French, Portuguese


Screenplay, editing, directionFlorian Heinzen-Ziob
ProductionFontäne Film
ProducersFlorian Heinzen-Ziob and Georg Heinzen
Image compositionEnno Endlicher
EditorialChristina Irrgang
Set sound engineerArmin Badde
Sound design
Tim Elzer
MixingKarl Atteln
WithMalou Airaudo
Clémentine Deluy
Josephine Ann Endicott

Jorge Puerta Armenta
Sangeun Lee
Courtney Richardson
Julian Amir Lacey,

Francesco Pio Ricci
Gloria Ugwarelojo Biachi
Luciene Cabral

Franne Christie Dossou
Tom Jules Samie
ChoreographyPina Bausch
MusicIgor Stravinsky
Christoph Willibald Gluc

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