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Evening leaflet for “Ten Chi” by Pina Bausch with Tanztheater Wuppertal in in Wuppertal, 10/27/2005 – 10/30/2005

Typeevening leaflet

October 2005

Seasonsseason 2005/06



This document contains information about persons who were involved in the performances.

CostumeElisabeth von Blumenthal
Petra Leidner
DanceAlexandre Castres
Azusa Seyama
Ditta Miranda Jasjfi
Dominique Mercy
Eddie Martinez
Fernando Suels Mendoza
Héléna Pikon
Jorge Puerta Armenta
Julie Anne Stanzak
Julie Shanahan
Kenji Takagi
Mechthild Großmann
Mélanie Maurin
Nazareth Panadero
Pascal Merighi
Regina Advento
Silvia Farias Heredia
Thusnelda Mercy
MusicianMatthias Burkert
Set design assistantGerburg Stoffel
StagehandDietrich Röder
Martin Winterscheidt
LightingJo Verlei
Kerstin Hardt
Video techniqueJo Verlei
SoundAndreas Eisenschneider
Costume assistantSvea Kossack
Artistic directorPina Bausch
Organizational staffGrigori Chakhov
CollaboratorDaphnis Kokkinos
Marion Cito
Robert Sturm
Rehearsal assistantBarbara Kaufmann
Beatrice Libonati
Bénédicte Billiet
Dominique Mercy
Hans Pop
Josephine Ann Endicott
Marion Cito
Matthias Burkert
Robert Sturm
Ballet masterAgnes Pallai
Christine Kono-Pohlmann
Ed Kortlandt
Paul Melis
Technical directionJörg Ramershoven
Manfred Marczewski
Lighting directionFernando Jacon
AssistantSabine Hesseling
Stage managerPeter Lütke
PropsJan Szito
MerchandisingJan Szito
Video archivesGrigori Chakhov


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